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Bharadwaj R Sathavalli

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Welcome to My abode on net...
Here,you will get to read a lot about me, obviously
Listen to My Music, my instrument - Morsing......................
And a lot about me ;-)
Lamelleon is what one of my closest friend calls me after my CD Melo Lamella meaning Melodious Lamellophone.I work for Dell India R&D Centre as a Senior Engineer.Work Apart, I am a dedicated Musician learning from Vidwan H S Sudhindra and playing Morsing for the past decade. Recently I recieved a great compliment from L Bhimachar --- a Morsing Legend. He mentioned that I created History when I played Morsing Tarang (An arrangemt of two or more Morsings set to a melodic scale) all alone. I played 6 Morsings fixed to a frame simultaneously... This is believed to be the first ever Morsing Tarang Performance by a single person... Read more about me,my music, my life in the link about me ...

My new CD Melo Lamella - Morsing is the lead here
Melo Lamella
It was released recently in Germany by

Solo Morsing Audio Clip by me...

HexaMorse named and played by me!


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