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Bharadwaj R Sathavalli

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Now a little bit of blowing my own can I not do it ??? Please skip reading this....... 

Well I was born on Durgaashtmi in the year please figure out the date yourself. Being the first grandson in the family and the only son, was pampered totally-result the spoilt brat that I am now.... No use speaking about education and stuff as that is one thing which I haven't figured  out why happens to  everyone.....To put everything in brief, did my schooling and college in Bangalore....PUC was the loveliest time of my life as I hardly went to college ( National College Jayanagar ). Did my Engineering from RVCE. Studied Mechanical Engineering ( I think ) and then landed here.

Music is the best thing which ever happened to me. My grandfather Late Sri.S.Nanjundiah  was a great vocalist of yester years, despite his busy schedule at work as GM, State Bank of Mysore he firmly stuck to Music. My aunts are very famous singers today and one of my uncle is a very good composer working for AIR. Almost all my cousins are frontline musicians today.

Well with this background I should have been a natural at music, but it wasn't to be. I was forced everyday for almost 10 years to attend my Mridangam classes. I was the first student of my Guru, Vidwan.H.S.Sudhindra who is a front line Mridangist today. And it is due to his Herculean effort and  great teaching abilities that I am what I am today in the music arena. Before I go ahead, I would like to mention the instrument I play now for concerts. I play a stringed percussion Carnatic instrument called Morsing(Mourching, Mugharsing, Gogona, Jewish Harp) (The instrument in the background is Mourching). This instrument, I picked up by chance at my Master's house and from then on there was no looking back. I have been playing this instrument for over seven years. Now I am professional musician and a graded artist from All India Radio in Morsing. I have stood first for the state in the Senior Board exams in Music conducted by Karnataka Govt...eeeks I hate this bragging.[ My Alter: Come on man its your page, write what U want] . 

But the actual challenge lies in performing live on stage. This is because Carnatic Music is truly live with most of the things being performed are spontaneous and would have been created right that second. Well if I get into this I will be lost and will be writing volumes. I will write about what I think of Carnatic Music and many other related topics in a separate link  and spare this page of the technicalities.

Now I accompany many artists for concerts in Bangalore and elsewhere. I am proud to say that I have played in almost all the famous Sabhas and important venues like Raj Bhavan,Ravindra Kalakshetra. I am on TV [DD,Udaya etc] very often performing. If U happen to see me in action,please call me immediately as I always miss these programmes. I have received many prizes, awards and scholarships and have also accompanied many senior artists and still doing so. Oh this is getting too much...."Pardon me Oh Learned... " 

But still I am miles away from perfection and this is what keeps me going. Music is one such thing I feel which no one can master, the more you learn much more you see ahead. Its the most sacred art form I have come across and it hits you right on your head when success gets to you and keeps you firmly on your feet and guides you along........

Morsing and other harps
One on the right is Morsing - the instrument I play.

More snaps to come...


Minute Understanding of Sound In Creation --- MUSIC